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Anonymous said: Can you tell us a story from your childhood? :)





I shall do my best.

Ok, so when I was in the second grade, there was a new student, a girl to be exact who deaf, and wore hearing aids (this is important because it’ll come up later and it’s not meant to be insulting to said person who will be mentioned later). Going on, I was on the classroom floor for some reason I do not remember, and I called out to another student, giggling, that I would marry her. I wasn’t being malicious or anything. I just said it. Well the kid tells the teacher in his obnoxiously loud voice, as I’m trying to get him to shut the fuck up, what I told him. Long story short, she found out, (don’t know if she remembers), awkward friendship started and she is my best friend of 13 years now and I love her to death, krisikiss you are my oldest and bestest friend in this world. Also, I kinda favor her over my other best friend of 13 years, because she’s no homophobic and she accepted that I was gay

ansgar-amergin Arthur I’ve loved you from the start, you are my rock. You’ve been with me through my darkest days, you’ve been with me when I needed a hand to just hold. You’re my longest and oldest best friend aside from Ce but at the end of the day I always think of you. I always smile when I hear your name. You excepted me in all my flaws…idk if you remember the day when “you know who” decided to end our friendship because I wasn’t “godly enough”…but I felt more afraid of you than ever. I thought you’d hate me and never want me anymore.. But you never said anything you just smiled. You smiled and said I love you no matter what.
Okay I am kinda going to be a bitch and do a victory does that you prefer me over her:) makes me feel like I won you. That you’d always be mine. Childish right?
No matter what happens, how far we are matter how distance we are forced to grow…when we see or talk together it’ll always be like it is. Like we’ve never been apart.

*hugs tightly* this my followers is my bestest friend in the whole universe. And sweetie, do your victory dance because you’ve earned it :)

Oh honey, I am!


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“My work is the only ground I’ve ever had to stand on.” Marilyn Monroe

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Having hope for romance is so tiring. It is like sandpaper, wearing me down to the bone, until my self esteem is but a thin veneer under which I veil my bleeding, punctured heart. One day, that veil may be gone and I will be laid bare for all to see. I don’t know what I will do if that day ever comes. (happiness-should-be-shared)



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